Tesco Mobile Free EU Roaming Extended for SIM Only & Handset Deals

            Free Roaming Extended by Tesco Mobile     In a widely expected move, Tesco Mobile has extended it’s free EU roaming service beyond it’s original 2023 end date.   This is great news for those that entered into one of their great value 24 month SIM Only plans who …
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iD Mobile Change Data Cap for EU Roaming – How Much Data Can You Roam With?

      New Fair Use for iD Mobile EU Roaming Data Allowance           Amongst very little fanfare, iD Mobile have changed their fair use policy for using data whilst roaming in the EU.   If you’re an iD Mobile customer and off on holiday soon then you’ll want to know …
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Plusnet Mobile Closing – Keep Your Number and Switch Now

              Plusnet Mobile Shut Down – Switch for Discounted Deals       Plusnet has announced it’s closing down it’s mobile SIM card offering meaning customers will need to switch providers to get the best deals.   If you are a Plusnet Mobile customer, your SIM card will eventually …
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Virgin to Move Customers to O2 – How will this effect users and plans?

    Virgin O2 user migration and what it means for customers     Virgin Media O2 is planning to give millions of its customers more data and extra benefits this year as it begins moving all Virgin Mobile customers over to O2’s range of plans. Starting in February, the company will begin sending communications …
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Samsung’s 12 Months Free Disney+ Promotion – Terms & Conditions

      SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS (UK) LIMITED DISNEY+ 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION PROMOTION (PROMOTION 01/10/22 – 31/01/23) TERMS AND CONDITIONS Participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (the β€œTerms and Conditions”). Any information or instructions published by the Promoter about the Promotion at or form part of the Terms and Conditions. …
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Is SIM Free + SIM Only Cheaper Than Contract Phone Deals?

      Is a Contract Phone or SIM Free + SIM Only Cheaper?     Is it cheaper to buy a phone contract than to buy a SIM Free handset plus a separate SIM Only deal? As contract prices continue to offer more data for your monthly plan cost, which method of ownership works …
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EE Upgrade Deals for Existing Customers – Where’d they go?

  Existing Customer EE Upgrade Deals – Vanished? 🧐   If you are an EE customer looking to upgrade to a new phone you may be a little confused as to why you cannot find any EE upgrade deals on any of the price comparison websites. Historically, we’ve helped EE customers compare the cheapest upgrade …
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EU Data Roaming Restrictions & Fair Use – How Much Data can I use in Europe?

          How much data can I use whilst roaming in Europe?   If you are looking to travel in the EU and use your mobile data allowance for work or to stay in contact with friends and family, you will want to know how much of your data your network will …
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NHS & Care Workers Benefits from EE, Vodafone, iD Mobile & O2 during COVID 19

    The UK networks are supporting NHS employees and care workers through the COVID 19 pandemic by providing them extra benefits to help ease the strain. Below you’ll find details of what EE, Vodafone and O2 are offering NHS and Care staff during the Coronavirus crisis and how to claim.   NHS Staff and …
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How to Double Port your Mobile Number to get the Best Deals on Your Network

  What is Double Porting? So you’ve finished your contract and start to look for a deal for your new phone or SIM card. You check with your network, you know the one you’ve been a loyal customer of, to ask for a price to get your new phone or SIM and keep your number. …
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