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How to Double Port your Mobile Number to get the Best Deals on Your Network


What is Double Porting?

So you’ve finished your contract and start to look for a deal for your new phone or SIM card.

You check with your network, you know the one you’ve been a loyal customer of, to ask for a price to get your new phone or SIM and keep your number.


You’ve just discovered upgrade deal prices for existing customers!


This is when most sane people simply keep their number and switch networks to bag the cheapest ‘new customer’ deals.

However, what if only one network works in your area or the best ‘new customer’ deal is actually being offered by your network?!

This is when savvy customers decide to double port their number!

Rather than pay those extortionate upgrade prices, they are simply switching their number away and back again as a new customer to bag the cheapest deals.


How to Double PortKeep same number and stay on network


Ofcom have made porting your number even easier since July 1st 2019.


Now you can simply text the word PAC to 65075 and your network will send your PAC code within 60 seconds.

You call your new network to give them your PAC code and they’ll transfer your number across for you the next working day.

Job done!


Double Porting is simply repeating the process.

For this you’ll need to pick up a Pay As You Go SIM card on a different network from a local shop.

Using the instructions above, switch your number to the PAYG SIM card and then 24 hours later, request your PAC code from the PAYG network and give it to your original network.

You’ll have your number transferred back across to your new contract deal in just 24 hours!

Job done, done!

So, to break it down …

  1. If you don’t have your PAC code yet, text the word PAC to 65075 to receive it within 60 seconds
  2. Order your ‘new customer’ phone or SIM deal and when asked if you would like to keep your number, state ‘no’.
  3. After next working day delivery, open your phone or SIM card and make sure you are happy with it.
  4. Pop to a local shop and pick up a Pay As You Go SIM card on a different network (usually around £1)
  5. Call the PAYG network and give them your PAC, they’ll transfer your number across the next day
  6. Once your number has ‘ported’ call (or text as above) the PAYG network and get your PAC code
  7. Call your original network and give them your PAC, they’ll transfer your number across to your new contract the next day.


Whenever your number transfers from one network to another, your old contract/Pay As You Go service is automatically cancelled for you as soon as your number leaves the network.


When you double port your number it allows you to take advantage of new customer deals on your network instead of paying the far higher upgrade prices they offer you as an existing customer.

Now, go forth and save! …




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