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4GEE Home Router 3
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4GEE Home Router 3
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ZTE MF286D 4G Broadband Home Hub Router


4G broadband router ZTE MF286D

Supplied with Three 4G broadband deals as their 4G Home Hub, the ZTE MF286D offers speeds of up to 600Mbps (typical download speeds of 50Mbps to 100Mbps) as well as simple ‘Plug & Play’ set up.

A great alternative to a fixed landline broadband connection, this ZTE router supports Category 12/13 LTE speeds and has a built-in antenna, there are also two removable slots on the back of the device to connect an external antenna for low signal areas.

Offering WiFi 5, you can connect up to 64 devices around your home and for more data heavy devices like smart TVs and gaming consoles there are 4 gigabit ethernet ports to plug directly into the router for unhindered connection speed.

Compared with the previous 4G HomeFi+ from Three; the Huawei B535, the ZTE MF286D is a significant upgrade offering superior 4G support via 4×4 MIMO and 256QAM (compared with 2×2 MIMO and 64QAM) which in tandem with Three’s L-band spectrum (band 32) 4G delivers greatly enhanced performance.






Three 4G Plus Broadband Home Hub – Sercomm LTE2122GR Router

Sercomm LTE2122GR 4G+ Broadband Router Three 4G Plus Home Hub

Offering the fastest possible speeds over Three’s 4G network, this Sercomm 4G+ router supplied by Three as their 4G Plus Home Hub offers Category 18 LTE technology.

This means that if you are in an area of Three’s upgraded network you can enjoy faster speeds over their standard ZTE 4G MF286D router which offers CAT 12/13 LTE speeds.

Offering peak download speeds of up to 600Mbps and average 100Mbps, the Three 4G Plus router offers the fastest 4G speeds available.

As with all 4G and 5G mobile broadband routers offered by Three, the 4G+ Home Hub is Plug & Play for easy set up anywhere you have a power socket.






ZTE MC801A 5G Router


Switching from Huawei to ZTE, Three now offer the MC801A home hub router for their fastest 5G mobile broadband speeds.

This new ZTE 5G router is capable of supporting download speeds of up to 3.8Gbps, however those speeds are not yet currently reached on existing 5G infrastructure from the UK networks.

Three advertise their peak download speed at 1Gbps with average speeds between 100 – 200Mbps, but that’s plenty fast enough for streaming UHD media as well as heavy gaming.




ZTE 5G Broadband Router MC801A



The ZTE MC801A is Three’s most advanced 5G router to date, connecting to the local 5G network it allows you to connect up to 30 of your devices like Smart TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, Google and Amazon WiFi devices. (These devices do not need to be 5G enabled as the signal from the router is standard WiFi).

This new 5G home hub also offers two Ethernet ports for ‘hardwiring’ devices directly to the router for the very fastest speeds as well as connections for an external antenna should you want to bolster your signal even further.




ZTE MC801A 5G Home Hub Mobile Broadband Router



Compared with Three’s previous Huawei 5G CPE Home Hub, this new ZTE router is faster over both 4G and 5G networks.






EE 4G BT Home Router

BT Mobile Broadband EE 4G Home Router

Delivered through 4GEE on the UK’s fastest network, you can get average speeds of 31Mb/s in some places, that’s faster than standard fibre broadband.

There’s no need to wait for engineering work and it’s quick and simple to set up. Just plug in and connect. Set it near to your TV or laptop and there are two ethernet ports to plug them in for maximum speed whilst the rest of the house connects via WiFi.

There are even screw holes on the back so you could wall mount the router in the most convenient spot in your house.

The BT 4G Home Router on EE provides WiFi throughout your home with a 30 meter signal from the hub, you can connect up to 32 devices keeping everyone happy and connected in your household.



EE 5G Home Router 2021


5GEE Home Router 2021


Experience the 5GEE Home Router 2021 today – a powerful and stylish household router.

This 5G router provides EE’s fastest 4G and 5G speeds via fixed wireless access.

With EE’s 5G router you could get average speeds of 150 Mb/s (capable of up to 4.67Gbps) which makes it perfect for gaming, streaming and downloading in Ultra HD and 4K.

Existing customers get a 20GB data boost for their EE pay monthly mobile too, so you never have to worry about running out when you’re not at home.

The 5GEE Home Router includes two Local Area Network (ethernet) ports for improved connectivity as well as 2 external antenna ports to bring outside signal indoors.

It produces WiFi around your home up to 30 meters away and allows you to connect up to 64 devices, you can keep the whole home connected.




How do I keep my number?

You can keep your existing mobile number in 3 ways:

  • Upgrade on your existing network
  • ‘Port’ your number to another network
  • ‘Double Port’ out and back again …

Upgrade and keep your mobile number on O2, EE and Vodafone


⬆️ UPGRADE – Keep and Stay

A contract upgrade is the term used when you keep your mobile number and stay with your existing network.

If you have finished your contract and are ready to upgrade, we always recommend a quick call to your network first to get a starting price for upgrading to your chosen phone …

Please make sure you are sitting down! 😲

Then, you can head back to our website to compare the cheapest upgrade deals for the Home Router on EE, Vodafone & O2 from all of the retailers.

You’ll notice that although the upgrade deals offered by the retailers are far cheaper than the price quoted directly by your network, they are still not as great value as the deals they offer to new customers 😤 …

This is why most people keep their number and switch networks every time their contract finishes (just like car insurance, broadband, gas etc) to take advantage of the cheapest new customer deals. 👍

NB: O2 customers have an advantage!
O2 are the only UK network that (quietly) allow their customers to order the cheapest ‘new customer’ deals and keep their number. See: O2 Upgrade Hack

Ofcom recognised that people were paying far too much to stay with their existing network and made ‘porting’ your number really easy…


How to port your mobile number to another network provider, keep and switch your number to save.


➡️ ‘PORT’ – Keep and Switch

Just like you switch your TV service, landline and electricity supplier etc, you can simply keep and switch your mobile number to another network to make maximum savings.

The cheapest deals are offered to ‘new customers’, so why not be one? 👍

Choose from the best Mobile Broadband Home Router contract deals on a different network and save a bundle!

These are the 3 easy steps to ‘porting’ your number …

1) Order your new phone on a different network and after next day delivery make sure you are happy with it.

2) Call your existing network and ask for your PAC code (‘Port Authorisation Code’)

(As of July 1st 2019, simply text the word ‘PAC’ to 65075 and receive your PAC code in 60 seconds!).

3) Give your PAC code to your new network who’ll transfer your number across to your new phone for you within 24 hours.

On the day of your ‘port’, your mobile number will transfer at around 11am and usually takes around 15 minutes (it can take up to 2 hours).

Once your mobile number has transferred across to your new phone and SIM card, your old contract will automatically be cancelled.

Keep and switch your number to another network and straight back again to order new customer deals on your existing network operator.


🔁 ‘Double PORT’ – I’m Back!

It’s a bit fiddly, but people do this if their network is the only one that works in their area and they do not want to pay the higher upgrade prices offered to existing customers.

Bag the cheapest ‘new customer’ deals on your existing network AND keep your number!

They switch their number (using the ‘porting’ instructions above, twice!) to a Pay As You Go SIM card on a different network, and then straight back again to their original network to take advantage of the best ‘new customer’ deals! 😎

Learn more – How to Double Port your number


Why are the deals so cheap?

We get asked this A LOT!

If you’ve always purchased your pay monthly phone direct from a network like EE, Vodafone, O2 etc. then these prices may seem surprisingly low!

Although we have all deals offered directly by the networks in our database, we only show you the cheapest UK price for each pay monthly plan.

This means that unless the phone is only available direct from the network, the deals offered directly by the networks rarely show in our results.

The retailers work to far smaller profit margins than the networks, buy the phones in bulk, unlocked and without any extra branding, like logos.

Nothing actually changes, all of your customer service for billing, signal & payments is still supplied directly by your chosen network.

You are simply opting to buy and connect your new phone far cheaper than directly from a network.

You could compare it to having a BT landline, you probably don’t buy your home phone directly from a BT Shop, you’re more likely to buy one from maybe Argos or Amazon, but you still use BT’s service.

Some of the retailers we feature you may have heard of like Carphone Warehouse, whilst other ‘online only’ suppliers you may not have.

All have been trading for many years, offer secure online ordering, have good customer reviews and are tried and tested by us.

Are the phones brand new?

The majority of the deals are for brand new phones, however we also help you compare even cheaper offers for refurbished handsets.

If a deal includes a refurb phone then you’ll see ‘Refurbished Handset‘ in purple text next to the offer.

If your chosen deal doesn’t state this then it is for a brand new phone.

You can use our filters to see deals including just New or Refurbished handsets under ‘Condition

All new phones are supplied with a full UK manufacturers warranty should anything go wrong with your handset.

The manufacturers have hundreds of service centres up and down the country.

The retailers usually offer their same protection for refurbished phones which covers free repairs and technical issues for 12 months.

Refurbished handsets are phones that have simply been returned with 14 days and then offered for resale at vastly reduced prices.

Accessories such as earphones are not always included for hygiene reasons and phones are sent in unbranded packaging.

How does cashback work?

You may find that some contract deals come with cashback as an incentive and to hold against your monthly cost.

Some retailers show a discounted cost for your monthly payments when you click through to their website, we always show you exactly what you’ll pay (inclusive of VAT) before any cashback is claimed.

The retailers we feature on our price comparison website offer two types of cashback:

1) Automatic Cashback

2) Redeemable Cashback

Automatic cashback is paid directly into your bank account or via a cheque from the retailer after a set period of connection.

You’ll find full details of any cashback when you click through to the retailers website to place your order.

Redeemable cashback is great for those that are organised. It is usually a higher amount than ‘automatic’ but has to be claimed at different intervals throughout your contract period.

All of the retailers we feature have their own terms and conditions for claiming your cashback.

Typically it will be split equally into 5 or 6 payments and you’ll need to send a copy of your monthly bill within a set window to claim each amount.

The retailer will send you full details of how to claim with your new phone.

How long for Delivery?

The majority of retailers offer next working day delivery with a cut off at 6pm, although some go right through until 8pm.

You can find your exact delivery date when you place your order and in a confirmation email from the retailer shortly afterwards.

If you change your mind and wish to return your phone, you can inform the retailer within 14 calendar days.

Are there any Credit Checks?

Regardless of where you order a contract phone deal, after the retailer has performed their own security checks they will always have to pass your details across to your chosen network provider for a credit check.

It’s always the networks that make the final decision to accept or decline an application for a pay monthly phone, based on things like your credit score.

If you’ve applied and been declined for a contract phone within the past 6 months and apply again to the same network, you’ll likely be declined again unless your credit score has improved. It’s also worth knowing that if you are declined it could effect your score.


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