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Tel: 0203 1293010 – Mobile Scam – Contract Fraud

We’ve been hearing from an increasing number of people being cold called by Indian fraudsters offering cheap mobile phone deals.

They usually call from 0203 129 3010 or 0208 077 6540 and say they are calling from a company called Phone Limited in an obvious attempt to pass themselves off as ourselves… They even go as far as using our physical address on their bogus website; and in their emails! (see images below).


Indian Call Centre – Mobile Contract Fraud


It sounds like the very same scam that was being perpetrated earlier this year from Indian call centres claiming to work for a different fictitious called Mobile Limited.

They offer temptingly cheap mobile deals for the latest iPhone and smartphones, even claiming you can order mid-contract and forget about paying for the rest of your existing contract!

We’d like to thank those that have been in contact to inform us if this latest scam and for sending us copies of the emails they send to potential victims.

Please DO NOT give out your personal and/or banking details over the phone.

If you have been a victim of this scam and need any help, please feel free to call us on: 01473 231323 … This is our ONLY number and we do not make any outbound calls.

We hope this helps.


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