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Are You Scared of Switching Networks? Would £500 Help?

Keep your mobile number and save

Ready to Upgrade?

If you’ve finished your mobile contract and are looking to upgrade to your next phone, then you might think a quick call to your network (or to pop into their high street shop) is the way to do it.

If you do this, then you already know how expensive it can be to upgrade, but there are far cheaper ways that could save you as much as £500!

How to Keep your Number for Maximum Savings

We always recommend a quick call to your network as a starting point in the search for the best deal for your new phone, it’s a great starting price to work with because it can only get cheaper …

Once you have your upgrade price then it’s time to compare the cheapest upgrade deals from all of the UK retailers (you can do this on our website).

Why are the retailers cheaper than direct from your network?

The retailers work to far smaller profit margins and don’t have the large overheads of high street shops to worry about.

They simply upgrade you on your existing network with your existing number, nothing changes, you still get your bills and customer services from your network, you’re just opting to purchase your phone upgrade at a cheaper price than direct.

Now, we’ve established that the upgrade deals offered by the retailers are cheaper than dealing direct, however you’ll notice that they are nowhere near as cheap as those deals offered to new customers …

Why are deals offered to new customers so much cheaper?

New customers are actually just people keeping their mobile number and switching networks for the biggest savings.

It’s a real problem in the mobile industry that the networks are more interested in new customers than looking after their existing ones, Ofcom realised this and made it very easy to keep your number and switch networks (just like you probably do with your broadband, gas, electricity, car insurance etc).

This is called ‘Porting’ and here’s how easy it is …

How to ‘Port’ your mobile number

1) Order your new phone on a different network and after next day delivery make sure you are happy with it.

2) Call your existing network and ask for your PAC code

3) Give your PAC code to your new network who’ll transfer your number across to your new phone for you within 24 hours.

That’s it!

You keep your number and get your new phone at the very best price available.

How much can I save by porting my number?

We mentioned savings of up to £500, however you could actually save a lot more than this …

These are examples of upgrade deals versus a new customer deals on the same networks:

1: Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S8 (17/08/18)

4GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Text

Cheapest Upgrade Deal – £31 p/m + £164.99 upfront = (24 x £31 + £164.99) = £908.99

Cheapest New Customer Deal – £23 p/m + £9.99 upfront = (24 x £23 + £9.99) = £561.99

New Customer Saving = £347

2. EE Samsung Galaxy S9 (17/08/18)

30GB + Unlimited Calls & Text

Cheapest Upgrade Deals – £68 p/m + £263 Automatic Cashback (24 x 68 – £263) = £1373

Cheapest New Customer Deal – £33 p/m + £14.99 upfront (24 x 33 + £14.99) = £806.99

New Customer Saving = £566.01

These examples were live prices on our website at time of posting.

Still worried about keeping and switching your number?

We’re hoping that £500+ saving might help?

If you’d like to compare the cheapest UK deals, from all of the retailers, then head over to our price comparison website and start saving today!

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