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posted this review on 17th June 2016
Yes, yes and yes again, my S7 edge is the best phone I've owned. I really like the screen and the way it curves off on both sides, I've only marked down usability based on the fact that I sometimes struggle to use it one-handed. All in all, it's an amazing phone.
posted this review on 4th April 2016
Had mine a couple of days now and am proper impressed with it so far. Excellent design, slim, good battery, excellent screen and the camera is by far the best I've seen in a smart phone.

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Phone Details

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is beautifully designed yet seriously durable and packs cutting edge technologies including the first dual-pixel 12 mega pixel camera.

Encasing the curved 5.5 inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED screen with ‘always on display’ is a premium glass and metal, water resistant housing whilst inside is super fast octa-core processing along with 4GB of RAM and the Android Marshmallow 6 OS plus an expandable memory up to 200GB!

Powering all of this tech is a massive 3600mAh battery which can be charged wirelessly to full capacity in 150 minutes!

Buying Advice

With so many deals available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge we make it easy to find the perfect package with our advanced filters.

You can take on a new number with any network, choose a different network to your existing one if you wish to ‘port’ (keep) your number or choose to compare S7 Edge upgrade deals on your existing network.

‘Porting’ your number to another network provider has never been simpler, just order the best contract for you, call your existing operator for your PAC code and when your shiny new S7 Edge arrives simply call your new network with your PAC code … they’ll move your number for you!

If you want to stay with your existing network and keep your existing number you can simply compare Samsung S7 Edge upgrade prices on that network by selecting from our ‘Choose a Network’ filter.

A top tip is that the lowest priced contract deal that includes a free phone might not always be the cheapest over the entire contract period, sometimes it can work out cheaper if you choose an even lower priced pay monthly tariff but pay a little upfront for your new S7 Edge.


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